Chimney Lining

Normally, every stove and chimney installation should be accompanied with a chimney lining to prevent condensation, the build-up of tar, and the risk of chimney fires. This lining also insulates the flue system and is usually made of stainless steel to improve the safety of your stove system. Burnwood Chimneys will be able to expertly install a lined chimney to help you get the most out of your stove.

Stainless Steel Flue Systems

Stainless steel flue systems are an ideal solution if you do not have an existing chimney or chimney system. This system can be used in an interior or exterior setting, and for multi-fuel stoves. We offer professional surveys and assessments of your installation options prior to the installation of a stainless steel flue system. We are also able to design your system, including cleaning and access, to best suit the requirements of your appliance.

Pumice Liners

Here at Burnwood Chimneys Ltd, we have a wealth of experience gained over 30 years in all aspects of lining including more specialised systems such as pumice liners.
Pumice liners are very specialised and whilst very similar cost wise for materials are much more labour intensive on the installation side and it’s this expertise that we can offer as a service for specific chimneys and buildings such as thatch cottages.